he Physical and Mental Health Committee works diligently to educate African-American communities about health issues that most impact our longevity. While many of the committee’s activities support the national physical and mental health focus such as diabetes, Healthy Lifestyle: Total Woman: Mind, Body and Spirit, they also work to address the health issues that impact local communities directly.

Given the impact of diabetes on communities of color, this committee continues to partner with the American Diabetes Association to provide information and hold events that raise awareness of this preventable disease. From the participation in the annual “Step Out Walk” to the National Diabetes ID Day and the Annual Diabetes Expo, Physical and Mental Health has taken this issue on as one of its primary activities each sorority year.

The committee has also held programming related to lack of movement, obesity, HIV/AIDS, breast cancer and mental health/depression. Be on the lookout for information and special programs/events on the above health initiatives. For more information email physnmental.dstchicagoalum@gmail.com